Everyone knows that Mondays are a DRAG. The idea of starting the whole work week over again is exhausting. That’s why I’ve decided to adopt a new strategy which I’m calling the ‘TREAT YO’ SELF’ sandwich strategy. This consists of treating yourself at the start of the week (Monday) AND then naturally of course at the end of the week (Friday). I feel like if you start your week with doing something to reward yourself and then ending it in the same way, it makes dealing with any natural midweek bullshizzle totally bearable.

Here is how I implemented the new strategy today:

1. Bought half a dozen Portuguese egg tarts (minus one thanks to Dan). I am currently indulging in TWO with some tea as an evening snack. NO REGRETS about this decision because Portuguese egg tarts are effing delicious.

Portuguese Egg Tarts


2. Bought a giant deep fried Vancouver crab to put in my stir fry. This is a bizarre one – but as someone who loves seafood and could eat it pretty much all day long, this was quite the indulgent purchase.  FYI it was delicious in case anyone is wondering.




3. Went to J.Crew – this wasn’t planned I swear (it never is). If you’re not aware, I am a self professed shopaholic and I’m currently working on my addiction. Some days are good, some days are bad.  I actually think this addiction makes me feel closer to Lindsay Lohan (I was totally watching her show on OWN the other night and felt an odd connection to her). In February I banned myself from shopping – which I completed successfully (similar to her stint in rehab) but now I’m just working on reducing my spending habit (haha similar to her last night’s admission that she relapsed… sorta). I’m not going to deny myself completely – obviously – but I am being more mindful of my irresponsible ways by cutting back and not spending as much as before… 



4. Lastly – and this one I think everyone should participate in: CHANNELLING YOUR INNER DRAG QUEEN.

If Mondays are such a draaaaggg, then what better way to combat it then by unleashing your inner drag queen! I recently started watching RuPaul’s Drag Race and it’s a little bit ridiculous how trashy but addictive this show is. I’ve learned A LOT but the most important thing I’ve taken away from the show is DRAG QUEENS ARE FIERCE and you do not want to mess with them. They’ll stomp you to the ground with their 6 inch stilettos and then parade around your body lip syncing perfectly to Madonna.  If I could be about 25% as fierce as them, I would be a pretty happy camper.

I invite all of you to give yourself a drag name. It’s kind of fun to do, I played this game with Dan a couple weeks ago and he cleverly (but in a slightly racist way) dubbed my drag queen name as: GENERAL TAO CHIC

If I were a drag queen –  I would like to look like the one below, who is actually named Jujubee and participated in the second season of RuPaul’s Drag Race.  Obviously I picked her because she was the only  Asian drag queen I could find.



6 thoughts on “MONDAYS ARE A DRAG

  1. I LOVE Jujubee! There was also Manila who was Filipino and Gia on this season but she’s gross. Are you watching the most current season?

    Also I’m going to start adopting the sandwich strategy but I need to find another name for it otherwise I’ll just want sandwiches…

  2. I have not seen the most recent season! I have only watched the previous season b/c it was on Mexico Netflix, so I have a LOT of seasons to catch up on!!

    Agreed – a strategy named ‘sandwich’ could definitely inspire hunger haha, maybe ‘end to end’ strategy??? But then I feel like that’s opening up another can of worms 🙂

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