Guilty Pleasure: Watching docu-series Lindsay on OWN

LINDSAY headlinerI’m likely one of the very few people who have been watching the Lindsay Lohan docu-series on Oprah’s OWN network.  Just to be clear – you’re not missing much. HOWEVER, if you’re curious about what you’ve missed, I’ve compiled a list of what I think are notable things to mention

1. Lindsay has really huge breasts and she does not make a habit of wearing a bra.  Yes I know this is nothing new but it’s really tough to pay attention to anything else when watching her in this series because it’s just BAM – really hard to ignore.  See pic below – this is pretty much what watching the entire series consisted of:



2. Her skin is really orange. When I’m not staring at her huge rack, it’s almost impossible not to pay attention to the jarring shade of orange her skin is.



3. She has a LOT of stuff. There’s one episode where she’s moving into her NYC apartment and there’s just boxes and boxes of stuff piling in that she can’t even walk into her own place.  It’s actually really disgusting and I legitimately think she may be a hoarder. All this stuff she has in boxes may be a valid reason as to why she doesn’t wear a bra… she can’t legitimately find them in her huge pile of rubbish.

4. This docu-series consists of 8 episodes, 7 of which are BORING. The first 7 episodes are really frustrating to watch because it’s pretty much filled with Lindsay complaining about wanting to do films again and being taken seriously as an actress, but repeatedly being difficult to work with those who are around her. She also on several different occasions majorly deflects whether she’s fallen off the wagon (sidnote: OF COURSE SHE HAS).

5. THE last and final episode – the 8th one provides some interesting DOOZIES in the last 10 minutes:

  •  She confirms the legitimacy of the sex list that’s been leaked around the Internet – a list she made when she was in the Betty Ford Clinic. Apparently one of the steps is to take a sexual inventory? Notable people on this list include: Ashton Kutcher, Justin Timberlake, Colin Farrell, Zac Efron, Ryan Phillipe, Heath Ledger, Jared Leto (Not Jordan Catalano!!) … AND THE LIST GOES ON AND ON!

Lindsay Lohan List

  • She had a miscarriage during the filming of the series. This magically explains why she was MIA and a total sketchbag for 2 weeks of the filming… so ALL IS FORGIVEN right?


I’m going to guess that Mama O will be telling herself NEVER AGAIN to involve herself with LL from now on!!!


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