Part 1 of the Africa entry ended on June 23rd – which was the first day that I arrived at the Maasai Mara. Below takes up where the previous one ended with day 2 in the Mara on June 24th.

June 24 Highlight: Visiting a Mama in her home!!

This morning, I woke up at 7am to attend Wilson’s Maasai Mara morning walk! He led this walk EVERY morning and it was amazing because he took us outside of the camp gates – oooh dangerous – but no really, it was just dangerous because there was no remarkable identifiers and I was worried we wouldn’t be able to get back because I didn’t bring a trail of breadcrumbs.

This morning he showed us a bunch of plants and their medicinal properties. On our way back – we stumbled upon a huge line of FIRE ANTS.  Check out the view below of the Mara morning – it’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. I’ll always remember how still, serene and stunning the mornings were!

Morning walk

Morning walk 2

Later in the afternoon – we had the opportunity to visit a Mama in her home!  She took us through the various parts of her home and explained how Free The Children introduced key concepts to their village to help improve their health and livelihood.

Fence to their home


Cactus Frence

  • FTC gave them bees and supplies and taught them how to harvest honey so they can bottle and sell the honey at the local markets


  • They have specific enclosed areas for their shower and no longer shower in the polluted river
  • They have separate latrines to use, and also wash their hands after.  It was really quite genius to see they had a container filled with water and a nail that plugged in the water that they would release to get a stream of water to wash after going to the bathroom


  • Composting away and outside of their home
  • Cleaning dishes outside and drying them because before they would clean inside and it would wet their floors and attract bugs

Home 2

  • Enclosed fire that funneled smoke outside. Before people would cough a lot from smoke inhalation and kids were falling into the fire


  • Separate area for housing the animals

Home 4


Home 3

Best part of visiting the Mama in her home – listening to her talk about the dreams that she has for her children: Mamas want their children to go to school and get jobs that make them happy so they can do what makes them happy for a living. They don’t want their children to be doing work just for work sake – but so they can lead satisfying, fulfilled lives.

It really made me emotional because regardless of geographical boundaries, the dreams that parents have for their kids seem to be the same everywhere.

It was also incredible how open and warm she was to welcome us inside her home. She told us that since we’ve visited her inside her home – we are family now.

Part of the magic of the Mara and the people who live there – they make you feel at HOME even when you’re thousands of miles away.