Dylan McDermott: Listworthy?

Lately Dylan McDermott has been on my mind.  He first came on my radar on the show The Practice. I loved watching this show when I was in high school. Note: in my head – high school doesn’t seem that crazy long ago. Then I googled when the show was on air and realized it was between 1997 – 2004… and my stellar math skills tell me that began SEVENTEEN YEARS AGO. UM WHAT?!

Anyways, I’m considering putting Dylan on my list – which if anyone needs to be reminded, is still stuck on my desk and has the following:

List worthy

So I’ve been “researching” him for the past few days – 90% looking at pictures of him and 10% reading about his life, and here’s some interesting things I’ve gathered:

  •  He’s 52 years old. This would put him as the oldest person on my List but HOT DOG look at this MAN’s body! I actually was flagged of this 2 years ago when he was doing American Horror Story and everyone was talking that he was doing a nude scene. I never saw it because the show’s trailer gave me nightmares (remember the creepy mystery latex man ) BUT I do recall googling what all the fuss was then.

Dylan McDermott American Horror Story


50 years old




  • Dylan’s parents were 15 (mother) and 17 (father) year’s old when they had Dylan. They separated and eventually his mother got involved with some known gangster who was repeatedly violent towards his mother in front of toddler Dylan! Anyways – long story short, she was shot and her lover claimed it was “by accident.” Dylan was considered a key witness to this event because that evening he was kicked out of the house by her lover and was hanging around in the backyard when the fatal shot occurred.
  • His father eventually remarried (several times) and his third wife was Eve Mensler – the creator of Vagina Monologues. She adopted Dylan McDermott when he was 15 years old. That’s pretty cool that his step mother is a famous feminist!
  • He was married to some chick for a really long time and they have 2 daughters, but then they got divorced and now he’s dating someone who looks half his age (how original). Pic below a few years ago where I can only assume she dragged him to attend Coachella. It could almost be a pic of a cool dad taking his older daughter to a music festival (especially the last one haha!).

Coachella 1


  • Dylan helped solve his mother’s 45 year old murder case. In 2011 he contacted the police with questions and requested that the case be re-opened, and re-interviews were conducted. What they discovered was a police cover up way back then – and eventually they uncovered that his mother’s lover WAS the murderer!
  • He’s starring in a new show that I’m really excited about called The Stalker which sounds like a combination of Criminal Minds and SVU – so I’m actually pretty excited about it. It premiere’s tonight so I’ll DEFINITELY make my final conclusions on whether he’s “sponge worthy” after the premiere.

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