Not sure if anyone was aware, but Jada Pinkett Smith’s 61 year old mother is SMOKING HOT.

First, I know what you’re going to say: Katy Hung that is seriously inappropriate to talk about the elderly that way.

My response: Ok fair, but please take a look at the picture below and then tell me if you don’t agree.

Swimming Pic

No but seriously, she doesn’t just have a 20 year old’s body, she has one of those 20 year old’s body who doesn’t eat refined sugars and goes to the gym every single day!

After this pic went viral on social media recently, I decided to do some light research on who this hot lady is and here are some interesting facts that I dug up on the older Pinkett:

  • Her name is Adrienne Banfield Jones and according to the article I read, she had Jada when she was not much older than her granddaughter Willow right now who is 12 years old. Another article says she had Jada when she was in high school and was raised with the help from her own mother, so I think that puts her at about 14 years old which is CRAZY young to have a kid.
  • She was addicted to drugs until the time that Jada was 17-18 yrs old. While the specific drugs are never mentioned, it is noted that Jada grew up in Baltimore in the 1980s at the height of the American crack cocaine epidemic.
  •  Jada does not seem to have any ill with her mother, and doesn’t look back at the experience she had growing up with a drug addicted mother as bad, saying “I turned all of that into power. So I used those things as motivation.
  • She’s been clean for the past 22 years.
  • She seems to have done SOMETHING right because watching an interview with Jada Pinkett Smith talk about parenting, I felt really moved by what she was saying.

Watch this 20 minute series called “Red Talk Table” featuring the three generations of the Pinkett women asking and answering some pretty frank, honest and raw questions. My favourite part is when Jada talks about learning the power of freedom from her mother. Sidenote: shout out to AOL On for the featured video 😛

Even though she had a less than stellar childhood growing up, she never felt like she “couldn’t” do anything – and when she was in a performing arts high school she effectively gave her mom two choices: Either I go to law school or I’m going to move to LA and really pursue this acting thing and see if I can do it.

Her mother’s response? “Well I guess we’re going to LA then.”

I know I personally would have chosen law school… but it’s a pretty powerful thing I guess to have to come to understand that your children are not you and you are not your children – and so their choices and decisions are independent from you.

With that being said, I have since stopped telling Frankly that she’s going to be the world’s first Fashion Engineer… womp womp.–jada-pinkett-smith–willow-smith-talk-love–family-517362771



Lately whenever I feel that Dan is being particularly difficult, I’ll huff and puff rather loudly and obviously and say “LORD GIVE ME STRENGTH” and look up at the sky, to which he looks at me with obvious disdain and continues doing whatever he’s doing. Now HE’s started saying it back to ME and it’s been a total joke around the household. We’re constantly asking the lord to give us strength almost everyday this month, which is why I’ve coined October’s theme as: LORD GIVE ME STRENGTH

What’s going on in October in particular? LOTS.

1. RENOVATIONS: this month Dan + I have undertaken renovations to our condo that we’ve talked about doing for years. We finally put the pedal to the medal and hired a contractor to upgrade our bathroom and kitchen.  What should have been something that’s taken a week is likely going to be taking 2-3 weeks.  I guess I should have listened to everybody when they warned us that renovations would never be a smooth and easy project, but I was clueless about it. WELL, when you’re left homeless for days and you don’t know where you’re going to go to the bathroom… reality sets in and you come to realize how wrong you were to ignore the warnings.  We’re currently living in shambles and I don’t think things will REALLY be officially 100% done until sometime in November.

Note: I can’t even imagine what the stress of renovating a house would be like. We’re living in a teeny tiny condo and we’re not going to be done everything that needs to be done for weeks. How are we ever going to live in a house?!

2. WEDDING PLANNING: This has also been a source of stress for both Dan and I – particularly exacerbated because we need to finalize a date but there seems to be several steps that need to take place before we can even get there. These steps include:

a) Write a guest list so we have an idea of approximate people who would attend

b) Find a wedding planner – because aint nobody got time to plan their own wedding! That’s why there are people who devote their careers to doing this professionally!

c) Short list potential venues and find out what their available dates are for next year

d) Finalize the venue and their availability which will unlock the magical date we will have our wedding

Note all the steps that have to take place just to decide a DATE. That’s not even the other stuff, that’s just picking the DAY we want to have our wedding.  We’re currently on part C of this process – but if all these decisions that need to be made is indicative of what the rest of the wedding planning process is going to be like, then I repeat: LORD GIVE ME STRENGTH

3. HALLOWEEN:  Last year I worked on my costume for almost 2 weeks! I went to work as Sharknado – and it was spectacular. There were even flashing lights that made THUNDER NOISES when I pressed a button. Having won #1 last year, there’s a lot of pressure (that I’ve put on myself) to BRING IT again this year.  This year I’m going for a different angle – TEAM COSTUME!





Update as Halloween has since past: We didn’t win but we got an honourable mention. Note – I feel like we were robbed of the #1 title because apparently the winning team did some sort of musical skit?? LAMES 😛

4. MERCURY IN RETROGRADE: I know some people don’t take astrology seriously… and for the most part I’m quite ignorant to it, but I couldn’t ignore the major milestone that occurred this month – Mercury being in retrograde. What does that mean? Well from the little knowledge I know about it, it’s this phenomenon that happens 3-4X a year when the planet Mercury passes by Earth which creates this illusion of backward movement. Mercury rules communication, clear thinking, truth and travel – so when it goes in retrograde than consider all of the above to be moving backward or breaking down as well. This time around, it took place between October 4th – 25th – which essentially meant that almost the entire month of October sucked (and I can confirm that most of it did indeed suck). I don’t want to read too much into it but we’ve had a LOT of challenges with our renovations, particularly communication challenges, and I can’t help but think that maybe I was feeling the effects of Mercury!

UPDATE: I started writing this post when it was still October, but since today is the first month of November I can’t help but feel a sigh of relief! While November woke us up to a hella cold RUDE awakening today, I am committed to forgetting about the gong show that was October and praying that November requires less prayer from the lord!