Vacation recap: 3 weeks have RACED BY and this SCARES ME

I’ve been running around like crazy and it’s made the past 3 weeks feel like they’ve gone by in a blur! Time seems so fleeting and I hate that I can’t seem to remember what I did from one day to the next.  That’s why I’m going to squeeze those around me just a bit tighter and closer this week as I wrap up my month long break and be grateful that I have this time off in my life because who knows when I’ll get this length of time again?!

If anyone recently read Sheryl Sandberg’s Facebook post marking the end of her 30 day religious mourning of her husband  (not going to lie I shed a tear after I read it), it’s made me realize more than ever that you can’t take anything for granted and the rug can be ripped out from under you at ANY moment, so you REALLY have to savor each moment you have.

Here’s a recap of what I’ve done in the past 3 weeks:

Week 1: Newfoundland & Hamilton

Spent time with friends and family there. Left Frankly with my parents for the first time… who have never watched a dog before! Excluding one minor incident at the beginning when she escaped the house to run down the sidewalk, everything turned out fine! In fact, I’m convinced that Frankly knows more Chinese than I do now… AIYAA! Below is my cousin’s son, Connor who learned how to say my name KAY-TEEE specifically for my visit to The Rock!


Tiny Newfies in our PJs and blankies 🙂


Papa Hung walks Frankly for the first time


Mama Hung & Frankly having some quiet time together


Celebrating someone’s birthday fit for a princess 🙂

Week 2: Toronto & Kelowna

Back in Toronto for a day and a half, which consisted of:

  • Meeting with the wedding planner to review day of schedule
  • Getting my hair and feet did before I leave for the wedding
  • Dinner with our lovely neighbours
  • Laundry, laundry, laundry!
Grand Electric

*TEAR* Our neighbours are leaving back to the UK next month! And Frankly loses her best friend from across the hall 😦

Kelowna was from Thurs – Sunday evening, and it was STUNNING!

  • Bridal shower/bachelorette galore
  • Wedding rehearsal and dinner for Dan’s baby sis
  • Emotionally supported Dan as he was their wedding MC
  • Wined & dined my heart out
  • Picked up Frankly in Hamilton at midnight on Sunday straight from the airport…I don’t know who wept more, her or me!


Who’s that classy couple?


View from our hotel, seriously stunning


Dress rehearsal time!




Guest appearance: DJ


Broten ladies… and a Hung!


BONUS: Jojo is on the same flight back to Toronto with me!

Week 3: Back in Toronto (consistently) !!

  • Monday: slept for half the day and walked around like a zombie for the rest because of the time zone change
  • Tues: woke up at 5am to get ready for sunrise engagement photo shoot! Guest appearance featured Frankly
  • Wed: acupuncture in The Junction and then racing back downtown for a dim sum lunch date
  • Thurs: figured out travel logistics for my week of training in California soon, grocery shopping in Kensington and then epic afternoon of making pho! Note: some people dabble in drugs or drinking when they are stressed, my go to activity is either chip eating (which I’m trying to cut down on) and making and then eating pho
  • Fri: consultation at Glory Holes for our wedding donuts… which I didn’t realize but also coincides with National Donut Day!  Bought some bad ass shoes I had been stalking at The Bay which I feel like Amal Clooney would totally approve of, based purely on a picture I once saw of her wearing Ash wedge sneakers that I also was eyeing but went with the mesh flat sneaks instead (because they didn’t have my size in the wedge ones…boo). Rib eating courtesy of Dan and then later this evening birthday celebrating for une amie


After our engagement photo shoot, Franks + I continue to practice our posing! #cantstopwontstop


Ash shoes, inspired by Amal Clooney


Slowly becoming Frankly’s favourite


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