Ok I’m tired of having to constantly explain to Dan about the incestuous web the Kardashians weave. Anytime he hears anything related to: Kardashians, Tyga, Blac Chyna, Amber Rose, Kanye or Rob Kardashian, he keeps asking me to explain the whole saga again.  I can only imagine this is exactly how he feels when I ask him to explain finances or how dividing fractions work.  In either scenarios, we both get a glazed look over our eyes and go HUH?

So here it is ONE more time. Sit back because it’s a doozy… and very confusing.  Note – this is a rather LONG explanation/story so I’m forced to break it out into different parts.  



2008: Kanye West + Amber Rose start dating for a couple of years. They end their relationship sometime in 2010.  For those who don’t know, Amber Rose is a “model” known for her impressive *ahem* ass-ets.   After some surface level research, she’s also described as an “urban model” or “video vixen.”  I’ll let you infer what her occupation truly is. 


Now lets fast forward 1-2 years, because that’s when multiple relationships start happening all at once.


2011: Amber Rose + Wiz Khalifa start dating. They end up having a son together. They got married in 2013 but boo, later end up getting divorced a year later. For those who don’t know, Wiz is a rapper.



Meanwhile around Spring 2012: Kanye West + Kim Kardashian start dating and well… we all know how that goes. They date, they have North West, get married, Kanye starts a bunch of fashion lines (sidebar: does anyone have a yeezy sneakers dealer? I would like a pair!), and then they recently had a baby boy named Saint.  



Ok so now a third relationship transpires around the same time, this one is important so pay attention: Blac Chyna and Tyga.  She’s also a “model,” and Tyga is also a “rapper.”  They end up having a baby together and a month after he’s born, they end up getting engaged towards the end of 2012.   Unfortunately, they never ended up sealing the deal, breaking up during the summer of 2014.



Now during this whole time, Kim + Blac Chyna appear to be pretty good friends. They appear in butt selfies together and BC + Tyga appear to be in the same social crew as the Kardashians (they were in Paris with Scott + Kourtney!)




Also equally important to note: Blac Chyna + Amber Rose are also besties, like super super tight (just like the outfits they wear, zing!)



So lets recap what we have so far:

  • First – Kanye & Amber happens, but their relationship ends in 2010.

Fast forward a year or two later, and 3 relationships begin to transpire around the same time:

  • Kanye & Kim
  • Amber Rose & Wiz Khalifa
  • Blac Chyna & Tyga

Note: Kim is good friends with Blac Chyna.  Blac Chyna is also besties with Amber Rose.

K so long as you have all the key players sorted in your heads, you’re ready for Part II. STAY TUNED



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