Mat Leave: Day 12 – NBD just casually HAD A BABY

Ummmmm just dropped the hottest track of 2017: Kensington Broten Hung (aka little Kensi for short)

Yesterday morning my biggest accomplishment was getting the faux leather joggers from Aritzia that I had been stalking at half price!

By 11:30pm my newest accomplishment was I delivered a BABY GIRL! Her supposed due date was Jan 20 but like the proud baby cub to a tiger mom, she knew being on time meant being a bit early! So she showed up half an hour early 😂 technically on Jan 19! She came in at 6lbs 10 oz.

So far things are OK avec moi, baby, Dan and Franks. We are just trying to figure out what this new life is… and make some sense of it! It feels surreal!

Side note though: I ordered my aritzia joggers YESTERDAY morning and they came this aft! DAMN that was fast 👌🏼

Anyways I’m making this posting now while I can and apologize in advance for not responding to anyone’s messages or texts in the interim future because hello – trying to figure out how to keep a human alive! I got them though and appreciate all the love and support.

Here’s a pic of Kensi snug as a bug taking a wee nap:



Mat Leave: Day 11

There’s no baby yet but I’ve been having a super tough time getting comfortable to sleep.

Last night was no exception – it’s the worst it’s ever been in fact. 

Even though we hired a doula, I’m starting to think maybe we shouldn’t have done that because look how supportive and attentive Frankly was last night:

So if anyone needs one, I’ll be more than happy to loan out her services 😂

Side note: now is the time to scoop up deals at Aritzia as they sent out an email that said even more things are marked down!

I had been monitoring these faux leather draw string joggers and they finally went down even further so… #winning

Nothing says mom like some faux leather joggers right?!

Mat Leave: Day 10

No baby yet but the body is showing signs that the arrival will likely be relatively soon!

Thank god I have an appointment with my midwives tomorrow. Today I’m 38+5 days which means I’ll be 40 full weeks as of Friday.

Could this baby actually be early or on time? Not going to lie – as someone who is extrmely punctual nothing would please me more if this baby took after her mama!

Today has been highly uncomfortable for me with pains off and on – ie. pelvic and lower back, and I had a rough night last night with what may be either Toni Braxton Hicks or early contractions. Hence today I really focused on just hydrating, eating and getting as much rest as I can. Number one rule they taught us during our prenatal class is that rest is essential when you can get it and the pain is bearable because when the REAL shit goes down, you don’t want to be underslept and exhausted.

With the arrival seemingly imminent, Dan helped me write down some affirmations that I wanted him to repeat to me during labour to help calm me down. Over the years I’ve learned that I respond really well to rational logic and thought during serious times of stress, so I’m hoping the below will help calm me if I start feeling stressed out during the height of labour:

  • You will survive this! Your body is doing what it’s supposed to. Just think – every woman around you who is a mom has had to experience what you’re going through and they all survived!
  • You live in a first world country with first world health care and support.
  • You have a huge team of people supporting you through this.
  • If Teen Moms OG can do this and raise babies, you can too! And you have way more resources than they do!
  • Do it for Frankly! She wants to be a big sister!
  • Just remember: nothing amazing or great that’s ever happened in your life came easy. It’s always required hard work and this is no exception.
  • You won’t be a regular mom, you will be a cool mom. 
  • Think about the push gift you will get! 

Mat Leave: Day 9 : Can the real Katy Hung please stand up?

Last night as I was waiting in between commercial breaks of The Bachelor, I was doing my usual social media scrolls.

Imagine my surprise when I was reviewing my FB feeds when I see THIS posted on one of the moms group I follow:

I GASPED! Who the hell is this Katy Hung?!?! Because it certainly isn’t ME!

What the what the! First of all – I RARELY ever meet or see people who spell the version of my name with a Y… let alone with my SAME LAST NAME.

Obviously I had to do some research on who this “KATY HUNG” is. Check out her FB page below:

This Katy Hung has a baby! And a pretty cute chunky one at that.

And also – this Katy Hung is REALLY into Christmas. Buhhh…

According to LinkedIn, she also works at Scotiabank too, and it looks like she use to live in HK before she moved to Toronto and went to high school and then Ryerson here.


Under normal circumstances, I’m usually a big creeper. Please ask anyone, I literally just need 2-3 data points and then I can scour the Internet creeping on people and finding out the most random bits and details of their life.  However this time, when confronted with this bizarro Christmas loving Katy Hung staring back at me – I felt a bit rattled.

I didn’t want to know who this Bizarro Katy Hung is who has a baby and is traveling to Orlando soon.  I can’t explain it, but when I saw her name and peripherally looked her up, I got that weird feeling when you have 2 magnets that repel each other no matter how hard you try to push them together.

It just hit a little a bit too close to home for me, and I can’t explain it! For some reason in this instance, I felt like sometimes there are things best left unsaid, and leaving Bizarro KH to her own devices seemed like it was the best thing to do…

But I’m not going to lie, it took EVERY OUNCE of willpower in me last night to not respond in that thread she posted on just to see if she noticed that another Katy Hung existed out there and was responding to her query.



Mat Leave: Day 8

No sign of a baby.

Mama Hung returns back during the week and continues to spoil Franks like it’s her job.

Here she is getting dinner ready for us and obviously has to put Franks at the dinner table with us 😂

My biggest accomplishments today include:

  • Washing my hair
  • Putting deodorant on
  • Getting dressed
  • Sending some emails to payroll to ask about EI
  • Finally washing my make up brushes! I’m awful – I know I should be doing this more regularly but I am ashamed to say it’s been MONTHS
  • Washing some baby blankets

Update from last night: the chick trying to sell her sex straps bumped her thread up TWICE but still no signs of anyone wanting to bid. I did notice that she posted something new though on the forum to sell, a SHEER blouse from Suzy Shier. SHEER. Yeah it is girl 👌🏼

So far nothing else good has popped up on my fb groups I follow except I did notice this one below that’s a bit amusing to me:

A mom is asking one of the mom groups I follow if it’s possible to source a specific Happy Meals toy for her daughter without having to drive to a bunch of random ones to check.

They ask her what exact toy she’s looking for, and she answers it’s the elephant from Sing.


Why is this amusing? Because when I went to take a walk last week with my mom to satisfy my cheeseburger craving, I got a happy meal from McDonalds and also asked for that exact same toy!

And I too was disappointed they didn’t have the elephant one 😦   LOL

So SEE – sometimes these threads I follow ARE useful!!

Mat Leave: Day 7 – part 2

Not gonna lie for some reason I thought I might have been in the beginning stages of labour earlier tonight… for no other reason than me thinking I felt funny.

So I went to bed fairly early tonight wanting to get as much sleep as I possibly can but I ended up waking up about 2 hours later.

So what does one do when they wake up in the middle of the night and have nothing to do? Troll their FB feeds of course! And this is when I discovered today’s gem that someone posted to the Etobicoke Bidding Wars FB group I belong to. 

My favourite part of this brave woman posting her sex straps on this group to sell is the line, “never been used because things happened blah blah.”

Things happen – blah, blah! YES! That’s my new favourite line I’m going to use myself to explain any sort of situation that I don’t want to get into too much detail about. 

This FB group is bid based, so this lil lady is asking for her black straps to start at $50 and people bid in increments from $1-10 and it lasts for 24 hours before it closes and the last highest bid wins and is committed to the sale.

So far nobody has bid on it but some people are tagging friends or just simply putting an * in the thread so they can follow it.

I think you can bet how this ends… 😂

Obviously I need to know how this ends. I’ll let you guys know if anyone ends up buying this gem! 😁

Mat Leave: Day 7

Today has been so far pretty uneventful but I’m having a weird feeling tonight that the baby may be coming any day now. My goal was to NOT have the baby come this weekend since I knew that my main midwife was off call (ie. if the babe came I would have gotten one of her back ups) and so as long as I wake up tomorrow and I’m still preggs then I’ll feel a sigh of relief that my main midwife will be back to her regularly scheduled programming!

In anticipation of this maybe being one of my last days sans baby, here’s some pics I want to remember of how I spent my day:

This morning we decided to take advantage of the nice(ish) weather and took Franks to a nearby park by the water. It’s actually a pretty awesome park and I was surprised to see so many people come with their heavy duty cameras and binoculars to birdwatch.

We ended up walking down a charming path and even discovered a mini ice rink!

When we got home, I made pho for lunch for us thanks to Mama Hung having already done all the work for us prior to her leaving for the weekend. I believe Dan’s words were, “This is the best pho ever, how does she DO IT.”  Nobody knows, nobody truly knows.

I was exhausted from this morning so my aft was spent taking a major laser nap. When I woke up Dan and I went out to do some errands picking up some stuff from Canadian Tire and then when we got home later, we went out for dinner at a pizza place near us we’ve been wanting to try.

It’s weird to think this may in fact be the last going out meal Dan and I will have together before this baby comes!!