Mat Leave: Day 4 – Welcome to the world of Internet Crazies

Remember yesterday when I told you guys that I sold 2 of my jackets?

Well one of those ladies was a suburban mom who rolls in with her BMW SUV, takes a look at the jacket, asks whether it’s S or XS (even though I clearly posted on the fb posting that it’s XS) and then says great – and gives me the $50 I priced it at. And that was that!

Until several hours later when on the same FB group I see this same chick post a picture of the jacket – selling it for $100! WTF

At first I was like what is this wackadoo doing? You JUST bought it from me and now you’re posting on the same forum to sell it again to try to profit? I was going to comment but Dan told me not to engage because I made the conscious decision to price it low to sell, so I have no right to argue if she wants to sell it higher. Fair point. But it’s the principal! But I let it slide.

I wake up this morning though and I see someone tried to clarify if it’s $100 or $75, and she responded back that it was bought for $350, she was OK with selling it for $75 and she just needed a fast pick up and wasn’t interested in making $.

That’s when I was like HOLD UP GIRL!  Don’t act like you paid full price for it and now you’re selling it for super low because you’re not interested in making $ off of it. SO I COMMENTED


And that’s when things started to unravel. Or specifically, Tracy starts to unravel!


Apparently me meeting her at a MIDDLE point that SHE suggested – hello Yonge & Bloor from where she was coming from at Yonge & Sheppard is what justified her mark up cost. Nevermind I also was traveling from somewhere too! And apparently it makes TOTAL sense for me to drive to where SHE lives to return the $$$ to her.  NOT CRAZY AT ALL.

I love her last line, like she threw a gauntlet down with her total rational thought with – HUH????

Yes crazy, HUH indeed. I should have known I was working with a loose screw when I had made my original posting, and in it I said to DM me directly with any questions – but she kept on asking and responding via the public thread. Le sigh.

Anyways, this doesn’t derail Kelly though from still being interested in the jacket!


But then Tracy being Tracy plays it TOO strong:


And since then – there’s been no response from Kelly. Is Kelly going to respond? Will Tracy Buffalo make her sale? STAY TUNED.

And this my friend – is why when selling anything online, you meet them in a very public setting far away from your personal home. You have NO idea what kind of crazies are out there – especially MOMS (haha get it, do you see what I did there? Because I’m going to be a bat shit crazy Mom too!!)

Ok but just to wrap up this whole blog post about jackets – and the reason why I was selling some jackets to begin with (Dan says I have too many so if I get a new one I need to purge out one), my new jacket I ordered online arrived in the mail yesterday.

And it’s STUNNING! I’ve been searching for a brown leather jacket for awhile and right now Aritzia is having one of their annual sales, and they had this Mackage “cognac” leather jacket (umm that’s just a fancy word for brown but OK) for HALF OFF essentially. This is a crazy good deal because everyone and their moms know that Mackage jackets are hella expensive.

Check it out below – but excuse my swollen face. I’m hoping it returns back to normal after the baby arrives.



Everyone – please if you’re looking for a brown leatha jacket, THIS BABY IS IT and now is the time to swoop in!!!



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