My recent guilty pleasure (one of many)

In today’s episode of Mat leave life in Mimico, I have decided to share a secret that I’m terribly embarrassed of.

File this under: Things that I’m fascinated and annoyed by ALL AT THE SAME TIME

Lately in the past month, I can’t get enough of Susur Lee’s sons.

susur lee

Huh what? Yes that’s right. It’s a very odd contradictory fascination that I can’t get enough of.  I’m fascinated and can’t stop absorbing every little detail they share about themselves, but at the same time I’m also disgusted by myself because they seem to stand for so many things I’m against: nepotism, arrogance, entitlement, an over the top gratuitous lifestyle, etc.  Every time Dan catches me watching their YT videos, he always groans “THEY’RE SO DOUCHEY!!!”


First: Who is Susur Lee? He’s a famous Toronto chef that’s opened up a bunch of notable restaurants around the city. He’s also media famous and has appeared on Top Chef Canada and a bunch of other Food Network TV shows. Anyways, if you’ve ever lived in Toronto and ever experienced his Singapore Slaw, you know the impact he’s had on the city 🙂

We even met him once when we were dining at Bent and he was coming around the tables saying hi to peeps and asking if they liked dinner (we did!).  I noticed Susur because I thought a) he’s pretty good looking for an old guy and b) where did he get his super nice sweater from? It’s definitely cashmere. I wonder if it would be weird if I asked if I could touch his sweater…

Anyways his sons rose to quasi Toronto fame because they

1) Opened up Frings with their good friend Drake

2) Are pretty good looking but in an entitled douchey kinda way

3) Lead a pretty ridiculously privileged life (i.e. designer goods, luxury cars, baller homes, etc)

Fringe Restaurant opening held on sept 21 in Toronto - Photos George Pimentel

Both of them have their own YouTube channel and lately I can’t stop watching the videos they post – which are oddly compelling considering they’re about NOTHING.

I invite you to join me in this terrible guilty pleasure:

First off – we have the middle son Kai Bent Lee, YT channel found here.  

I haven’t seen all of his videos because almost all of them are about designer shopping, shoes and cars, but here are some notable ones I’ve enjoyed:

Homeboy has a BALLER condo in Yorkville (which apparently he’s selling). Check out the video here where he does a home tour. It’s HUGE! There’s a private elevator that takes you straight to the unit. Apparently it’s currently being listed for $5MM+ and is part of the same ultra exclusive condo that… wait for it… Mark Wahlberg owns a penthouse to. Marky Mark!

This condo is CRAZY nice. If I had an extra $5MM laying around, I would totally consider buying it.



Day In The Life video which is honestly about NOTHING and yet I watched the whole entire thing (and hate myself for it). Things gleaned from this video include:

  • Major laser sneaker head; dislikes Yeezys IMMENSELY
  •  Has a hot doctor friend who looks just as douchey as he does BUT seems a bit more normal
  • Drives a super nice car

Thrift shopping video – this one is oddly compelling because homeboy has SO many videos about high end shopping and what his closet is full of, and yet this one is about him slumming it on Queen West to find some used threads.  Also his youngest bro Jet is featured in this video, and I can’t stop thinking that this kid has a future in male modeling if he wanted to. He’s tall, lanky and has an angular androgynous look that looks editorial don’t you think? Below is a younger pic of him with their mom who comprises the “Bent” of their last name, and is also the person who is responsible for the interior design of most of their restaurants!

Also the pic serves to remind me that Asian genes are STRONG because even though they’re mixed kids, these Bent Lee boys look hella pure Asian.


I also dig the Thrift Shop video because it features Kensington Market – he goes to the same shop to get a beef patty that I use to go to (when I use to live downtown *tear*).  Also – reminds me how much I love beef patties!


Ok ENOUGH about Kai, lets move on to the oldest son Levi. Pictured below, Levi clearly takes his exercise regime VERY seriously.


This is a good article that features a lot of the over the top images they post on Instagram (luxury vacations, fast cars, models, etc).

If it was a contest btwn which videos are more annoying/compelling, I’m going to give the award to Levi. I’ve watched way more videos of his than Kai’s but I hate myself more when I do.

Note – he shares his channel with his girlfriend who is a “DJ” named Mercedes but I think her DJ name is “Unimerce”.

Pic below, she looks like she’s a very talented and skilled DJ.  She also doesn’t believe in pants.


This is a video I enjoy because it features Susur Lee paying for their family dinner at one of my favourite restaurants… FISHMAN LOBSTER HOUSE! God, I would LOVE to go back to that restaurant again.

Here’s Levi’s Day In The Life video which if you don’t watch any of it, just watch the first few mins because it features his dogs which he loves.  Sidebar: am I the only one who thinks that if a person doesn’t like dogs, that there’s definitely something suspicious about them?

A lot of his videos are mostly about his luxury trips he takes around the world (first class obv) which I haven’t really watched, but the more interesting ones I’ve seen feat him spending time with his dad and also a Q&A with him and his gf which is actually pretty funny because they cover and answer a broad range of questions that have been on people’s mind (including how much plastic surgery she’s had and why their brother Jet seems mute).



It’s really hard to explain why I keep watching their channel, and the only way to describe it is like the equivalent of eating an entire box of Mac N Cheese. You know you shouldn’t, you know the bright orange colour is gross, you know it’s made of fake cheese and it’s hella bad for you… but you still can’t help yourself and end up eating the ENTIRE BOX. Afterwards – you’re groaning in pain from a stomach ache and you hate yourself for what you’ve done.  Fast forward to next month when YOU DO IT ALL OVER AGAIN.

Anyways, if anyone is interested in mindless entertainment I would invite you to just watch ONE of their videos and tell me you don’t find it weirdly compelling but annoying all at the same time.




Oh hello!

Some of you have asked why I haven’t updated my blog in weeks.

Well – it’s because my life has been in EXTRA shambles lately.

1) Driving – NOT going well. I had my driving lessons and the instructor told me he doesn’t think I need any more because I seem to drive just fine and dandy! Then 2 weekends ago I drove Dan and I to Metro and it was underground condo parking and I pulled into a tight spot too quickly and hit the pillar a bit. OUCH! I was really rattled by it because I scratched the car and I felt awful.

I forced myself to keep at it and continued to try to drive on my own to Costco a few days later because we had to restock on a bunch of essential items. WELL again the driving gods cursed me because I got into an accident. BUT THIS TIME IT WASN’T MY FAULT.

I was pulling out of the parking spot SLOWLY (because of the pillar incident that happened the previous week) and I looked in my rearview mirror and saw a guy behind me was pulling out at the same time so I thought oh shit, we will collide – I better stop and he’ll see me and should stop too. WELL I stopped – but he didn’t and hit me!

AGAIN I REPEAT IT WASN’T MY FAULT. He hit ME! I was fully stopped.

Anyways that doesn’t change the fact that I still have to face the consequences as if I was the one that caused the accident by dealing with insurance, etc.

I was REALLY REALLY RATTLED because Kensi and my mom were in the car. But I pulled up my big girl pants and confronted the man and the issue at hand. The guy came out of the car and of COURSE he was good looking (these people think they can get away with murder, well not on my watch buddy, not on my watch!). We exchanged information, took pics of each other’s insurance policies, I took a pic of his license plate, and then we said we will contact each other to figure out the details later.

Later that night Dan and I call the guy and I reviewed the facts with him which were YOU HIT ME but he was all like whoa whoa whoa, I actually don’t know if that is true because it happened so fast and we were both pulling out at the same time. He said he didn’t see me (duh obviously) so he has no idea if I really did completely stop. I was like homie I know I did so don’t be spreading lies. He said he felt awful about the whole thing because he knew I had a baby in the car but he also said it’s a tough situation because we were both pulling out at the same time so it’s just bad timing. This is code for – he won’t admit he hit me.

At first Dan and I said we were willing to settle this privately and not through insurance, but then things got weird because he explained he’s leasing the car but it’s not REALLY his lease – it’s a sublease. It’s really his coworker’s lease who currently is living out of the country and he’s just sub-leasing it from him, that’s why when I took a pic of the insurance policy it wasn’t his name but someone else’s name on it (his coworker).

He said he contacted his coworker right away but still hasn’t heard back, and he presumes his coworker would want to just settle this privately instead of going through insurance but he has to wait to hear back from him to see what he wants to do.

While we’re talking to him on the phone Dan is texting his sister who works in insurance. She said his “sub lease’ situation seems sketchy so suggests we just do it legitimately and go through insurance.

So after his whole explanation about trying to reach his coworker and needing a few days since it’s a long weekend to get a hold of him, Dan just cuts him off and says his situation seems kind of complicated and we don’t want to assume any risk so we just want to have this dealt with swiftly and efficiently hence we’re going to go through insurance.

That’s when he was all wait what? I thought you guys were open to working this out privately?  But then Dan was like yeah but you have complications on your end that seem like they need to be sorted out so we don’t really want to wait for that. He seemed like a nice guy but who really knows these days.

He insisted he was telling the truth and that this coworker is someone he knows personally because he use to be his sister’s ex husband but that he still remained good friends with him. Dan assured him that even if that were true, it still didn’t change how complicated it was for us to wait for him to figure out how to proceed forward and it was just easier and faster to do it legitimately through insurance.

After we hung up I tried to defend him because he did sound sincere and genuine. And who makes up such a strange story like how the person he’s taking over a car lease from is his sister’s ex husband? That’s such a specific tale that it HAS to be true.

Dan was like – oh I’m sure you’re right and that it is true. But guess what? That’s what makes it STRANGER and suspect, because who still stays friends with their sister’s ex husband? That’s an indication of his moral character!


True true. Once again Dan is correct – I don’t trust anyone who stays friends with their sibling’s ex husband. FAMILY IS BLOOD, and you don’t turn your back on your own blood!

Anyways – after these two incidences I’m really shaken up by my driving abilities so I am at a loss as to what to do. I also drove downtown yesterday with Dan to our doctor’s appointment and it was hard AF because downtown is CRAZY. It’s all tight confined spaces, bicyclists and drivers being impatient and subsequently wreckless.

I’m trying not to give up so I rebooked with  my driving instructor again and making Dan talk to him beforehand to point out specifically what he needs me to review and practice.

But at this point I’m thinking oh shit am I going to be a grown as adult who doesn’t know how to drive?

2) I also dropped my iphone (which is pretty much new b/c it’s the iphone 7) and the screen cracked a bit. This is why I’m not allowed to have nice things.

Thank GOD I got extended Apple Care which covers for screen damage, and all I need to pay is a nominal service fee to have it fixed.

The combination of all of the above is why I’ve been silent on the blog because I’m convinced the universe is conspiring against me this month so I need to lay low and try not to anger the gods.