This weekend Dan and I took Frankly to Woofstock. For those who have no idea what it is, it’s essentially a giant festival all dedicated to – you guessed it – DOGS! We were partly going because we had never been there before, but we were also showing our support for Frankly’s best friend – Paddington – who was going to be in the dog fashion show.

I remember when Woofstock first started in Toronto, it was on Front Street and took up an entire block. HA – that seems laughable now because this year Woofstock has grown to attract THOUSANDS of people and their dogs, and subsequently this weekend it was held at Woodbine Park to accommodate it’s growing scale.

The whole experience for me was fun – but I think we got more joy and excitement out of just seeing Frankly super happy more than anything else.

This must be what parents feel like when they take their kids to Wonderland or Disneyworld. It’s not REALLY fun for the parents but just seeing their kids SO excited makes it all worth it!

Here’s a breakdown of how the whole day went down:

1. Woke up early in the morning since the festival started at 10am!  I kept asking Franks if she was excited for Woofstock.  She didn’t know what was going on except knew we were going somewhere.

2. In the car heading to Woodbine Park I tried to once again, ask Frankly if she knew what was going on. She had no idea, she was just preoccupied with being in love with Dan.

Frankly Enroute

Frankly looks sad in the pic below. She clearly didn’t know up from down, so I had to breakdown exactly what Woofstock was for her and how she would get to see HUNDREDS of different dogs.

Frankly Enroute 2

This explanation seemed to have gotten through to her because she became focused on wanting to get to Woodbine Park. LETS GO!

Frankly Enroute 3

3. Parking – ughhhh – there was a line to pay $15 for parking in a special designated lot OR another section where you pay the meter. $15 seemed outrageous to me so we opted for the meter lot and I was thankful! It was only $4 BUT the line up to pay for the meter had about 20 people in it and growing! It took us half an hour at least to pay for parking. Below pic is of Frankly waiting in line with us and meeting another dog while we waited – Golden Retriever puppy (my fave!)

Waiting for parking

4. SNACK TIME (for Mom) – all the hustle and bustle of getting out the door made me feel ravenous. Had to go to the food trucks and try some festival delights – I got something Malaysian. It was NOTSO great. Below is Frankly + Dan patiently waiting for me as I waited in line to get food (story of their lives).

Getting a snack

5. While waiting for the show to start, Frankly got really tired. So she actually ended up laying on the grass and finding a friend to chill with. And by finding a friend to chill with, I mean she found a big poodle and decided to use the poodle as a pillow. The poodle’s owner didn’t seem to mind. See below:

Poodle pillow 2

Poodle Pillow

6. FASHION SHOW STARTS – Frankly waiting and watching the show. Here were her thoughts:

“What’s happening??”

Being Held

“OH is it starting yet??? I can’t see anything. I’m thirsty.”

Is it starting

“OHHH I SEE PADDINGTON!!!!”  (look at that face of pure joy!)

This show is so good

Look how cute Paddington is in the sweater he was modelling. These two are crazy about each other. We all need BEST FRIENDS in life!

Paddington Fashion model

“OK the show is over now. Can we go home now?? I’m tired”

Are we done yet

7. After the fashion show, we were all exhausted. So we promptly went home.

See pic below of her parking herself in front of the door, so she would be alerted if we decided to leave. She seems to be growing smarter (sometimes)!







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