Last day at work *tear*

Friday was my last day at work – where I’ve had the pleasure of spending the past 2.5 years being part of something amazing and meeting some of the best human beings ever.  In honour of the day, I’ve compiled a list of some of my favourite memories – the good, the bad and the ugly. These are not ranked and in no particular order:


1. April 29th, 2015 – this was very recent, about 2 weeks ago.  On this day ALL of this happened at work. Lets just say I was REVERBERATING all day long.

  • Uber puppies came to our office where I was a total dog hound and snuggled up with this fluffy nugget (don’t tell Frankly she’ll get jealous!)

uber puppies

  • We got a surprise from the office that we were having lunch provided… from Swiss Chalet no less! This might not mean anything to you but please continue further down my list of top hits to understand the significance of the dirty bird
  • Got a free mani at work! We were piloting a program where mobile manicurists came into our office for a discounted price and today we got to sample the service for free! SWEEEET
  • Spring Ladies Night – by far one of the best events we host in our office! We do this as a fundraiser to raise funds for our charity efforts to support Free The Children. Last year I helped plan this evening because I was going to Kenya and every year the event keeps getting better and better. This year the services available for the evening included: an energy reader, tea reader, manis, wax, henna, tons and tons of greek food, vino and MORE!


2. Featured on the “What Is Love” editorial on Huffington Post for Valentine’s Day in 2013

Submitted this photo of Dan and I and described what love meant to me.

what is love


3. Bringing Frankly to the office when she was about 5 months old for the afternoon. She slept in our pod for the whole time while people kept coming by my desk to watch her sleep.  I went to the bathroom and came back a few minutes later to about 20 people crowded around our pod just watching her. I overheard someone say, “Productivity may have plummeted today… but morale is sky high through the roof!”

Franklys first office trip

4. Alia’s birthday

Haha this is a strange one but it’s one of my favourite days of the year. Someone in my office gets SHOWERED with gifts on her birthday and I love going to her pod, smelling all the flowers she gets, drinking mimosas and eating all the treats that are delivered to her. Cake, cookies, chocolate!

Alias birthday

5. Valentine’s day 2013

Maryse brought a ziploc bag of leftover pizza from dinner for lunch that day. Then her husband who worked near by surprised her by taking her out for lunch for Valentine’s day. Cue Katy swooping in and receiving one of the best Valentine’s day gifts ever. SCORE!

Bag of Pizza

6. Dirty Bird debacle

I will remember this day VERY VERY vividly. I took a Friday off to chill out. I was monitoring emails via my phone though when *GASP* – they announce a surprise, they were bringing in Swiss Chalet lunches for everyone! UGHHH whyyyy I thought whyyyyyyyyyy does the one day I take off work have to also be the same day they bring in my most favourite meal EVER – the glorious glorious dirty bird??!!

Obviously I replied to someone on my team to ask this question and express my outrage!

Fast forward an hour later when I come home to see my phone blowing up. I accidentally REPLIED ALL to the WHOLE office.


No joke, I am still haunted by the feeling of being mortified. It runs SOOOO deep that I still get clammy just thinking about it.

Long story short, lets just say that because of this incident anytime someone repeats the treacherous reply all to the whole office mistake… we say they just GOT DIRTY BIRD!

7. Going to Susan’s house

To celebrate a great year Susan graciously invited us to her home. Her gorgeous, gorgeous, GORGEOUS home.  Note to anyone who ever invites me to their home – don’t. I’ll touch all your things and fawn over them and be wildly inappropriate. Anyways, here’s a snap of my dream bathtub. Excuse the troublemakers in them.

susans bathtub

8. Picture Day

One of our fundraisers for the Kenya trip was someone’s friend who was a professional photographer and donated his services to us. Take a look at this sweet professional family photo we got. A family that BAYS TOGETHER STAYS TOGETHER.

Picture Day 1

Picture Day 2

9. Kenya

Getting to go to on a life changing and transformative trip to Kenya, witnessing  all the amazing work that Free The Children does.


10. Frankly Fridays

Sometimes when I would take an afternoon or day off on a Friday, I would bring Frankly in to say hi. This has been dubbed #franklyfridays.  Nothing bad can ever happen on Frankly Fridays!

Frankly Friday

11. Garage Sale Day

This is another Kenya fundraiser. It’s a day where the Huffpo Lifestyle team donates all the merchandise they get and sell it at super discounted rates. This happens TWICE a year and last Fall I couldn’t attend so I made a coworker FaceTime me in so I could bid on the silent auction items. We’re having another one at the end of the month… and I’m DEFINITELY going to be FaceTiming in again. This is where I got my sweet sweet Sephora advent calendar worth $120… which I bid on and got for $60.

12. Visiting Baltimore every year

When all the riots were happening in Baltimore recently my heart physically ached, for the city that I’ve grown to love and for the wonderful people I work with there. I’ll miss staying by the harbour, going to JCrew and Anthropology at the base of the hotel, taking a water taxi to and from the office and the sweet sweet smell of burning sugar that would waft through the air outside!


Baltimore 2

13. Halloween

Winning the PEER voted Best Costume award (hello that’s HUGE!) the first Halloween I was there debuting a costume I spent 3 weeks working on… SHARKNADO! This included lights that flashed and produced thunder noises.



The following year I entered the contest as a team… and only won “honourable mention.” I don’t care because we look SO adorable.

14. Finding weird things at the printer:

Including this gem. I never found out who felt so strongly about this quote that they went through the effort of typing it out on a word doc and then going to print it out… but if you step forward, I would like to shake your hand.

. If I actually sat down longer instead of scrolling through my facebook to help me compile my list, I could probably write down a hundred more gems. But that’s super obnoxious, so instead I’ll just conclude a post of #franklyfridays where these fine ladies were found loitering around on the floor just chilling out.



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