Ok I think it’s CRAZY that the last time I made a blog post was the end of April – when I was on my honeymoon no less and Beyonce’s surprise album Lemonade dropped and everyone was in an uproar about who the hell Becky with the good hair was!

Fast forward SIX months later and so much stuff has happened.

1. Dan + I are expecting a BABY. Yes that’s right, a tiny HUMAN is growing inside of me. I too have not mentally processed this, even though I’m ballooning day by day and essentially have an alien kicking inside of me – I still can’t believe it!

I’m going to write a separate blog post about being preggers for a later day but so far – I’ve been feeling pretty decent (except for this weekend when I got sick).  Note though I’m just finishing my second trimester soon and they say your third trimester is when you return to feeling tired and shitty so… YAY. Something to look forward to (NOT!).

2. Dan + I finally ended our 8 month house hunt and bought a place! This was a point of struggle, stress and anxiety in our household long before we found out we were pregnant, and became only exacerbated after we found out.  First of all – EFF you Toronto and your ridiculous real estate landscape. I’m not joking. Let me just say this: in what world is it OK when you have two adults who have decent jobs, no debts, own their condo to sell and can’t afford to find a house in the city. Please tell me how that is OK? I’m also going to write another post in the future about our struggle to find a home in Toronto but lets just say when we lost out on 3 shitty semi detached homes that were already way overpriced AND another house that may or may not have had a murder in it… we were on the brink of giving up!

Alas fate had other plans for us and we ended up finding the right home for us – in Mimico! I know nothing about Mimico but that it’s allegedly one of the few remaining affordable places to live in Toronto (umm I disagree) and that it’s essentially a 12min GO train away from Union.  To us – this presented the perfect compromise. We were far enough away from the core that we could get an actual house that wasn’t tiny and narrow but it was still completely accessible to downtown by several ways: GO train, driving, streetcar, bus.


I’ll post more pics some other time once we’re settled into our new house but so far – here are my observations about our new hood:

  • It makes me feel like I’m living in a cottage. Maybe it’s because the decor has a pile of logs in the wall that accentuates this but somehow time seems to be moving slower here – which is nice in some ways.
  • The neighbours are major laser curious about us. I guess they had been watching this house get constructed for awhile and were very curious about who would eventually end up here.  Several people have come to our door to introduce ourselves or stop us on the street to greet us. So far from the people I’ve met, they all seem to have lived on this street for 20+ years! They told me there’s LOTS of kids on this street and also lots of dogs… so it seems like we chose the right place for the next chapter in our life.
  • We are not downtown anymore. This is the biggest adjustment for me to have to come to grips with and will take awhile for me to adjust to. I’m not going to lie – I miss it.  But I’m hoping that the new hood will afford a lot of pros that we couldn’t have gotten downtown – but only time will tell.


3. Dan + I have spent the past 4 days  moving in.  We’re going back to regular life this week (sorta). I got sick – likely the combination of stress and anxiety of the impending move, then doing the actual move all weekend which took herculean efforts from a lot of people, being preggs which I read meant you’re immunity is also lowered anyways AND the change in weather = the perfect storm! Dan is battling getting the cold too so now it’s double trouble.  We are by NO way settled but we have gotten so much accomplished in the past 4 days that I have to keep reminding myself to take it day by day.

4. And finally – this has nothing to do with Dan and I but it’s on my mind so I’m adding it to the list of things that have happened: Kim Kardashian got robbed at gunpoint the other night. 

What happened to her sounds downright terrifying. Say what you want about her since she’s a polarizing celebrity, but reports of what they’re saying happened to her downright terrifies me. Maybe it’s because we just moved and I’m feeling extra sensitive and vulnerable or that I know I’m becoming a mom myself which adds a new layer of paranoia, but the details being released of what she endured is chilling.

Gunmen masquerading as police officers stormed her luxury hotel, took the concierge hostage and bound and gagged him to gain entry onto her floor, charged into her room and proceeded to hold her at gunpoint, bound and gagged her, stuffed her in the tub and locked her in the bathroom – and she thought she was going to be killed. She begged for her captives to let her live because she had 2 babies at home.  This is FRIGHTENING.  Who the hell knows WHAT could have happened. They could have beat her, raped her, killed her, all these things were likely running through her mind as it did mine when I heard the news.

What’s more unsettling about what happened to her is the reaction from Internet trolls that allege she deserves it. This is beyond disgusting to me and I’m at a loss for words for anyone who can feel this way.   This truly makes me feel bummed about the state of our culture + society for people to be reacting this way, no matter who this happens to it’s still NOT ok.


This post kinda bums me out because it talks about a lot of change and then ends with something quite disturbing, so to end on a lighter note – I’m posting some pics of Frankly. Out of all of us in our house, she’s had the toughest time adjusting for the past few days. She’s growling at every dog she sees, freaks out at nothing, doesn’t want to go for walks, and is just not acting her smiley, sunny, affectionate self 😦  I keep trying to tell her change is a good thing (but she knows I’m LYING to try to make myself and HER feel better lol).  Below pic makes me laugh because I let her borrow my blanket the past few days to comfort her, and this pic makes it seem like she’s utterly given up on life.







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