Mat Leave: Day 5 – 1 week has already passed!

You know when you have a scab? And you can’t stop looking at it and scratching it even though you know you should just ignore it and let it heal? That’s how I feel about Tracy (re: yesterday’s blog post). Tracy is the scab that I can’t stop looking at and scratching. Hence I couldn’t stop monitoring the FB group thread to see if there were any updates. So far – NOTHING. The last drop was Tracy proclaiming her 32c chest size and then it was radio silence from Kelly.

Cue to later in the afternoon… I noticed 2 things:

1) When I had met up with Tracy, she had said she had “tons of stuff” that she didn’t wear anymore so she thought she should try posting it on the FB group too. I said, “Do it!” (not realizing the Pandora’s box I would inadvertently help open). Tracy ended up posting the jacket below:

[UNSET] (29).png

I’m sorry what? Tracy – you are posting up an old rumpled up denim jacket and you’re trying to sell it for $400? *shakes my head* Even though I have disdain for Tracy, part of me feels bad because she seems to be absolutely clueless about how online re-selling works. Typically if you’re reselling – depending on the condition and the demand of the item, you probably at best will get 20-30% of what you originally paid for (at BEST).

Having looked up a similar Burberry denim jacket here selling for close to $800, she is asking to recoup 50% back… combined with the demand of someone wanting a denim jacket right now (timing is also key when you re-sell, FYI it’s Winter Tracy!), I can only assume NOBODY will buy this. But ya know what? I can’t help but root for an underdog, so best of luck to Tracy – I really do hope you make this sale.

2) On to the next thing I noticed. Kelly posted a brand new posting of my SAME jacket, same details and now asking for $75! Tracy, Tracy, Tracy… back to my earlier comment about someone needing to teach her how this whole FB group + selling online works: you can’t keep repeatedly posting a brand new post with the same item you’re trying to sell so it shows up as a current posting.

If Tracy continues to be Tracy, she’s going to be kicked out of fight club! Hence one of the administrators had to show her the way:


Le sigh Tracy. Le sigh.

Ok that’s it – the scab has been picked. I cannot continue to devote any more time or attention to Tracy! Seriously – I have more important things to do, like relish in my last days (or week) of freedom sans baby.


I can’t believe ONE week has already passed of my mat leave! 1 week down, 51 more weeks to go haha.

I thought I would be bored during this waiting period phase, but I’ve since concluded that boredom is really only a state of mind, and I should be focused on slowing down and mindfully enjoying the remaining time I have left when all I have to do is worry about myself.  Having had a week to decompress and be away from work, I’ve realized how nice it is to slow down and not have a strict time table to adhere to.

Here are some things I mindfully did this morning:


I couldn’t sleep so I woke up at 5am this morning and just went downstairs to lay on the couch. Mama Hung is like a rooster and wakes up at the crack of dawn, so I knew she would already be up or would be up soon, and sure enough 15 mins later she came down. True to Mama Hung’s nature, she whipped up something delicious in the kitchen for me – pho.


Mmmm – I can eat pho ALL DAY LONG (and sometimes I do, like again for lunch  today haha). So I had some breakfast pho while I read my kindle and it was LOVELY.  While I ate and read my kindle, Mama Hung was doing what Mama Hung does best which is extoll advice + wisdom. Today’s gem was coincidentally about doing things slow and mindfully!

She said that she knows Dan + I are/were always busy with work but that it’s important to slow down and take time to do things thoroughly – and then humble brag alert, that’s why her pho is better than mine, she takes more time to make the broth. OK Mama Hung you got me, your pho is better than mine! (even though nobody thought otherwise lol)

After breakfast, I just laid on the couch basking in the sun and listened to some Coldplay.


Later in the morning, my mom + I took a stroll to No Frills to get some groceries. Normally when I grocery shop, I’m focused and determined to go through and get the items on my list as quickly and efficiently as possible and then leave. However today, what the hell did I have to rush off to? So I just walked really slowly through all the aisles looking at things and I’m SO GLAD I DID.  I had been looking for a specific brand of Indian sweets that I know they sell at No Frills but I couldn’t find it the last time I was there, but VICTORY WAS MINE TODAY!


I LOVE Gulab Jamuns and a friend brought these over before and now I’m obsessed. You put one (or in my case two!) in a bowl, spoon some of that fine delectable syrup over it and nuke it for 30s and voila – YOUR LIFE WILL NEVER BE THE SAME. 

I made a list of things I wanted to do today –  clean my make up brushes, organize my beauty bar, tidy up, etc – but ya know what? All I want to do right now is sit back and watch the ep of Project Runway Juniors I PVR’d and eat some Pringles chips and maybe take my second nap. And ya know what? IM GOING TO with no regrets.  #TREATYOSELF



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