Mat Leave: Day 3 – steals, deals + panic

Once again I’m feeling the highs and lows of pregnancy – and how different it can feel from day to day. Yesterday I was feeling like a total pile of rubbish because I barely got any sleep the night before. This meant I wasted half my day and couldn’t even get my act together until noon.

Today however has been completely different. I got a decent night’s sleep and woke up at 7:30am this morning – ate breakfast (twice), walked Frankly and showered all before 9am! *pat myself on the back* I felt like a champion.

Cue champion pic!


Today I felt super accomplished for many reasons:

I finished writing a recommendation letter for someone’s grad school application. Frankly helped provide her input:


I sold TWO of my jackets! I posted them last night to an FB group and after much coordination and questions from people – confirmed and arranged to meet with 2 people today in Yorkville for the exchange of the goods. I priced it pretty low in hopes it would move fast and I’m glad I did because those jackets were sitting in my closet for 5+ years! Marie Kondo would be so proud of my purge 🙂

Of course, after I sold the jackets I had to stop to celebrate my accomplishment by hopping into a French cafe nearby to eat a crepe. #noregrets

Steals + Dealz! Since I was in Yorkville and had time to kill before my 3pm appointment with my midwives, obviously I had to peruse Bloor – and I’m DAMN glad I did. Because today I walked by the William Sonoma and saw they were CLOSING and subsequently everything in their store was 40%+ off! HOT DOG!

I ended up getting this frying pan below to replace an older one we had that was scratched up. This bad boy was originally $130 but because of the closing sale I got it for $45. #WIN


As I floated down Bloor on my William Sonoma high, I still had some time to kill before I was going to meet Dan to pick me up for our appointment. I ended up going into J. Crew not expecting much because I find the store on Bloor normally has limited selection but once again – I’m glad I did!  

I ended up getting the cutest pair of flats below.


But wait – as you can see from the pic 1) It’s outrageously expensive, listed online for $340 and 2) It’s so popular that it’s sold out online.  But WAIT FOR IT, there was a pair in my size on SALE at the store for $75… but then it was 50% off of THAT so in the end, I paid with tax $42. WTF!

Suffice it to say, by the time I made it to my midwife appointment I was floating on a retail cloud high.

Then things came crashing down. 

My midwife team were doing their usual thing, measuring my stomach and feeling the position of the baby. For the past several weeks, my midwives kept telling me the baby was very low and it’s head was quite ‘engaged’ (whatever that means). I was all prepared to hear the same thing again except THIS time they were saying how they felt the head was perfectly in place in the uterus and that they didn’t think I would likely go past my due date like many women often do with their first. In fact they think the baby could come ANY day now – even WITHIN THE WEEK. AHHHH!!!!!!!!

The news left me feeling rattled and panicked. I immediately said, ‘NOOOoooooooooo – IM NOT REAAADDDDY.’ Everyone in the room laughed except for me.

I didn’t say much in the car on the way back and when we got home, I immediately started pacing around and ran to my room to finish packing our hospital bag. Dan found me pacing in my closet and forced me to go downstairs to meditate so I would calm down.

I have since calmed down and now I’m just trying to pretend like everything is fine and normal. This is my favourite meme to describe how I’m feeling.


I’ll conclude tonight’s entry by trying to NOT think about what I can’t stop thinking about – so instead I’ll end with these two tidbits below:

1) Selena Gomez is caught making out with The Weekend. Hours later after these photos were leaked, Bella Hadid subsequently stops following her on instagram.  Oooh – so passive aggressive!

2) When I was in the Crew, I saw the cutest sequinned top below that I think would be perfect dressed up or down: casual, work, weddings, formal events, bar, etc. So many different functions! It’s on sale for $130 but at the Bloor store it’s half off the reduced price. If I wasn’t super preggers I would probably have gotten it. Trust me – this top is a gift that will keep on giving. If I can’t have it – someone out there please go get it.

[UNSET] (26).png  [UNSET] (27).png



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